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Dr. Walter J. Crinnion has been specializing in treating environmentally ill persons since 1984.

He has been making training in Environmental Medicine available to all manner of

healthcare practitioners since 1999 through SpiritMed.


Start with a solid foundation in Environmental Medicine

The finest and most comprehensive Environmental Training available today for practitioners typically spans a 12-month time frame.  All lectures are on DVD for you to learn and review at your own pace. Then we gather quarterly on weekends for three weekends where you will learn to apply the DVD information to your own cases.

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  Utilize monthly and annual ways to maintain and build upon that solid foundation:


Stay up on the most current Environmental Medicine articles with: 

CrinnionOpinion monthly subscription podcast. 

Each month Dr. Crinnion reviews current “hot” articles in the field of environmental medicine, providing you information that you need to know to stay current in the field and provide your patients with cutting edge care.

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The following companies provide sponsorship support to SpiritMed to bring these educational opportunities to you.

They have been selected because of their value to the field of Environmental Medicine.

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