Dr to Patient

Non-healthcare professionals wanting consultation from Dr. Crinnion on their personal case

need to contact Naturopathic Specialists (Scottsdale, AZ) at 480-990-1111 to set up a phone consolation.


Dr to Dr Crinnion’s Opinion on your patient’s case

I get calls constantly asking for a consultation on patient cases, which I am happy to provide.

What I need to be sent to me ( to provide a valuable consultation:

  1. Patient approval to share their information with me
  2. Copies of pertinent lab tests, and summary of health issues
  3. Completed Environmental Exposure Questionnaire
  4. Completed paypal transaction for the basic consultation fee ($250. for up to one hour of time). Extra hourly payment may be required.

What I will provide for 60 minute consult:

* 30 min review of all material (I may email you and ask for more info) followed by an email review/summary and recommendations OR up to a30 min discussion of patient case with you along with my recommendation.


For licensed health care providers only


Urine Toxic Metal Review ($35.00 including both pre and post UTM testing)

In order to provide the best Crinnion Opinion on a urine toxic metal assay, it is recommended that a standard pre and post challenge testing protocol be used, and additional information be gathered and submitted.

Click here to download the recommended protocol for pre and post DMSA challenge urine toxic metal testing

Click here to download the recommended protocol for  pre and post CaEDTA/DMPS urine toxic metal test


The laboratory must provide results in ug/gm creatinine and list the total volume of urine for each sample

Email the results to be interpreted to:


  • Only the most toxic and common heavy metals will be discussed  (those listed on the report form)- if you wish for any others to be reviewed please send a copy of the results with a note requesting which other heavy metals you would want reviewed.

A CrinnionOpinion UTM review will cover all of the following:

  • Where the individual heavy metals fall in relation to the population averages.
  • Which heavy metals show current exposure (and where to look for the most likely sources).
  • If a toxic burden of cadmium is currently present (and, if so, which follow-up tests are most indicated).
  • If intestinal malabsorption appears to be present.
  • If glutathione deficiency appears to be present.
  • A listing of which health conditions are most likely to be found in persons with the levels of heavy metal toxicants present in the test that is being reviewed.
  • As assessment of the body burden of cadmium, lead and mercury and if these levels are actionable or not
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